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Weight lose supplement Pure Diet 120unit

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750 mg of Garcinia (HCA)

Plantago dietary fiber content of 4,000 mg or more

Easy intake of 4 pcs per day

weight loss
Lower waist circumference
Decrease BMI Index
Reduced visceral fat
weight loss
lose waist circumference
Decrease BMI Index
Intestinal fat reduction
Abdominal fat reduction

Helps reduce body fat by inhibiting carbohydrates from being synthesized into fat
Helps facilitate bowel movement

Anyone who wants to lose weight without strain?

Someone who has a lot of body fat and decides to lose weight.

People who eat a lot of carbohydrates such as rice, flour, etc.

A person who has difficulty in bowel movements.

Who still has a chance after bowel movements.

Anyone who wants to get synergy from exercising hard?

Frequent overeating, frequent dinners, and other high-calorie meals.

Who wants to eat a healthy diet, healthy, and functional foods?

Eat before meals or between meals with plenty of water.