[Sulwhasoo] Clarifying Mask Set

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[Sulwhasoo] Clarifying Mask Set
**Clarifying Mask  150ml**
The peel-off mask thoroughly removes dead skin and impurities for fine, clear and soft-textured skin
[Sulwhasoo] Clarifying Mask
89 million sales across the world since launch,
Sulwhasoo’s No. 1 mask*
* Since the product launch in 2004 to 2019, cumulative domestic and international sales
[Sulwhasoo] Clarifying Mask
A peel-off mask that removes dead skin and impurities from skin

Clarifying Mask is a peel-off mask that is applied to the skin, and removed when dry.
It has an elastic and cohesive texture, and fits tightly onto the skin when applying.
As it dries, it draws out impurities and dead skin.

[Sulwhasoo] Clarifying Mask
Achieves visibly brighter and clear complexion with fresh herbal ingredients

The Clarifying Mask contains Solomon's Seal and golden-and-silver honeysuckle.
Solomon’s Seal helps to improve rough skin affected by dead skin and impurities to clear and radiant skin.
These extracts help provide clarity in your skin.

Achieves smooth and fine-textured skin

Clarifying Mask helps to remove impurities and dead skin from one’s face.
After removing them, the mask then helps minimize the look of pores.
Through this process, smoothness is achieved to one’s skin.