[Kwangcheon] Sprinkle Topping Seasoned Seaweed 30g


Rice balls that you finish quickly.
Product name:
mineral algae
Kwangcheon Sprinkle Topping Seasoned Seaweed
Option Type: (30 g, 1 bag)
I sprinkle it on the rice.
Easy to make rice balls
Meet Bentley Rice Sols, a simple meal that you sprinkle on rice and lump together.
It is made with domestic laver and a variety of carefully selected ingredients, so you can feed it to children with confidence.
I'm sending it in a zipper bag, so don't worry about getting wet and use it as a snack for the whole family.
Brand Story
mineral algae
since 1970
50 Years of Tradition, Kim's Masterpiece
It makes seaweed that anyone can eat with confidence with the belief tha
"my family eats it."
Use domestic laver.
I'm done thinking about the table.
Toppings on top of rice
Use it as a rice ball.
easy to store
Zipper Bag Packaging
Expiration date
from the date of manufacture
12 months
Storage method
after receipt
room temperature storage