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[UNICARE] toilet bowl cleaner


Sterilizing and cleaning corners not reached by hands

Toilet bowl filled with water is an environment beneficial for bacteria and mold.You frequently clean the toilet bowl; however, interior surfaces and water pipe inside the toilet bowl are not reached by the hands, and demands extraordinary management.


UNICARE toilet bowl cleaning ball cleans interior walls and water tank of toilet bowl as well as invisible drain.Toilet bowl cleaning ball sanitarily managing invisible spaces also!


Apron feeder

The patented automatic valve system feeds cleaning solution by defined capacity and concentration!
Consumption for extended period of time is guaranteed.


Cleaning effects

Powerful cleaning effects are yielded only by flushing the toilet bowl water containing non-ionic surfactant of great cleaning power!
Cleaning some 30 water holes and interior parts of toilet bowl when flushing!


Powerful sterilization/anti-bacteria

Sterilizing and anti-bacterial effects up to 99% of colon bacillus, bacillus pyocyaneus and staphylococcus inside toilet bowl contrary to typical toilet bowl cleaning agents mainly for cleaning and deodorization!


Preventing fur/contamination

Water inside the water tank is converted into sterilizing water, and cleans every corner of water tank and pipes!
Foul odor and bacteria are removed from pipes inside the toilet bowl hard to reach by the hands to facilitate prevention of further contamination!


Cost effectiveness

Powerful effects from small volume with high concentration and functions! Contrary to solid type cleaning agent continuously dissolved in water, UNICARE cleaning agent is fed by defined volume when flushing the toilet bowl to prevent excessive consumption of the agent.


Patented automatic apron feeder

Non-powered automatic valve automatically spraying the cleaning agent by defined volume with gravity and buoyancy inside the water tank

 살균과 세정을 한번에! [유니케어] 변기세정볼 [UNICARE] toilet bowl cleaner

살균과 세정을 한번에! [유니케어] 변기세정볼 [UNICARE] toilet bowl cleaner