Seoul Night Soju


Seoul Night Soju
25% Acl / 375ml
The alcohol level is 25 degrees.
It is a drink that tastes sweeter than bitter.
The taste of plum, which spreads refreshingly to the nose, mouth, and throat, is also art.
It is good to eat with fatty foods such as pork belly and duck meat.
If you want to maximize the cleanness of "Seoul Night",
I recommend eating something light like sashimi or shabu-shabu!
The plum wine made of 100% yellow plum is distilled under reduced pressure
It is a liquor made by precipitating the fruit of the tree (Juniper Berry) and distilling it secondarily.
In general, foreign gin is made of grains such as corn and rye, and chestnuts in Seoul are Korean gin that filters out old tree fruits in plum soju.