Roasted Seaweed Seasoned Laver 500g


Roasted Seaweed Seasoned Laver 500g
Kimjaban(Crushed Roasted Seaweed) is a local food of Jeolla-do in Korea, and it is a good food to be made when there is a lot of Seaweed laver with moisture.

Kimjaban(Crushed Roasted Seaweed) is made by combining several pieces of laver and then slicing it with soy sauce, sesame salt and oil.

Koreans eat Kimjaban(Crushed Roasted Seaweed) with side dishes. Kimjaban is made of rice balls and eaten on top of kimchi fried rice, ramen noodles, and Buldakbokeum Ramen etc.


Condition : Brand New

Brand : Kwangcheon

Origin : Made in Korea(south)

Quantity : 2 packs per 1 order

Net Weight : 500g(17.63oz) / pack

Ingredients: laver(domestic 100%), stir-fried sesame, sesame oil, blue laver, refined salt, corn oil, etc

Expiration dates : Written on the product packaging. The most recent to be shipped

Note : Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humid place, and store in a cool place

[How to eat]

It's better to spread it on warm rice and eat it together or make rice balls easily.
If you eat kimchi fried rice or ramen on your back, you can enjoy the food more deliciously while enjoying its crispy texture.