[Kwangcheon] Seaweed Flake With Soy Sauce 80g


[Kwangcheon] Seaweed Flake With Soy Sauce 80g
It has salty soy sauce
Product name:
[Kwangcheon] Seaweed Flake With Soy Sauce 80g
Option Type: (40g, 1 bag)
With Korean soy sauce,
a salty all-round rice thief

Kimjaban is a magical side dish that brings out the taste of rice with a salty and savory taste and crispy texture.

Meet Gwangcheon Kim's Bentley Korean Kimjaban, which adds flavor with delicious Korean soy sauce.

I'm sending it in a zipper bag, so don't worry about getting damp and use it as a side dish for the whole family.

Gwangcheon Seaweed
SINCE 1970
50-year-old tradition, Kim's masterpiece

With the belief that "my family eats it," I make seaweed that anyone can eat with confidence.

Use of Domestic Raw Plants

The whole family's side dishes
Toppings on top of rice
Use it as a rice ball

easy to store
Zipper Bag Packaging

Product information
Expiration date
from the date of manufacture
12 months

Storage method
after receipt
room temperature storage