[SAVE TIME] Washing Machine Cleaner 200ml


[SAVE TIME] Washing Machine Cleaner 200ml
Product Description
🌟Brand New Type of Washing Machine Cleaner
🤍 More than 30,000 pcs sold in Korea
🤍 Ingredients from Job's tears (Adlay)
🤍 Clean perfectly Scale, Mold, Scraps of Detergent From Detergent drawer to Laundry tank
🤍 A new type of washing machine cleaner
🤍 Available to use on both washer type (Top load and front load washer)
🤍 200ml Large capacity
🤍 Liquid Type
🤍 EM(Effective Micro-organisms) ingredient
❓What is EM enzyme?
EM Enzyme is Harmless to human.
It contains lots of beneficial microorganism.
Reliable cleaner for Nature and Human body.
✨How to Use✨
🤍 Pour the product inside of detergent drawer for front load washer or pour directly inside for Top load washer.
🤍 Set water temperature around 40~60 degrees for soaking dirt and mold in the water.
🤍 Operate the washer on a Standard wash or Normal program.
🤍 Wipe the left dirt inside of the washer with a dry towel.
🤍 There is a difference in Detergency depending on Washing machine pollution.
🤍 If dirt is still left inside of Washer after cleaning, set the program as 'Rinse and drain' and wipe it down after operating.
🤍 Put 'Washing Machine Cleaner' liquid on 'Dryer Brush🧽' and Scrub gently in the detergent drawer.
🤍 Clean dirt and scraps inside of Detergent Drawer with 'Brush' to make more clearer.
🤍 Try our special Brush to clean the hose of the detergent drawer. Get Brush and cleaner at a discounted price.
⚠️ Safety and Precaution
(1) Keep out of direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children.
(2) If the pollution of the washing machine is severe, you can use it more than 2 times.
(3) Ventilate when using, Avoid use in closed rooms. Wear rubber gloves before use.
(4) Do not use it for any other purpose.
(5) Do not put liquid into the sprayer.
(6) If in the eyes, rinse cautiously with water for about 10 minutes and get medical advice/attention.
(7) If swallowed or gets in mouth, rinse mouth, and call Poison Control Center or a doctor immediately.
(8) If liquid comes in contact with your skin, simply rinse off with water and stop using it.
⭐Product Name: Washing Machine Cleaner
⭐Purpose: Cleaning Agent
⭐Type: Liquid Type
⭐Manufacturing date: On Packaging
⭐️Expiration Dates: Within 3 years from the manufactured date
⭐Capacity: 200ml
⭐Material: Distilled water, Surfactant(Sodium Gluconate(Nonionic), Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether(Nonionic)
⭐Usage: 1 ~ 4 times use for 1 bottle
⭐️Package included: 1 item
[SAVE TIME] Washing Machine Cleaner 200ml[SAVE TIME] Washing Machine Cleaner 200ml[SAVE TIME] Washing Machine Cleaner 200ml[SAVE TIME] Washing Machine Cleaner 200ml[SAVE TIME] Washing Machine Cleaner 200ml