Red Bean Rice Cake


Korean Style Mochi Rice Cake
(Red Bean Flavor)

(40gX8ea)-Individual packaging

Check Point!

100% Korean chewy rice
The raw material cream is 100% animal milk fat, not vegetable!
Snacks everyone can enjoy
Unbelievable reasonable price and generous amount!

How to eat!
Consume only after natural defrost(Defrost: Room temperature 1-2 hours)

Keep in the Freezer
Ensure to store in the freezer after purchase. When stored in room temperature or the fridge, ricecake could be solidified. Do not restored in the freezer after defrosted.

When defrosting, ensure not to use microwave.
There is a risk that ricecake could not evenly be defrosted or be exploded.

Contains: WHEAT
For freshness, local delivery will only be made within 25KM of the LIDCOMBE. 
We would appreciate it if you could write a convenient time between 2-5 pm on weekdays 
in the Shipping note.

Product of Korea