Portable posture support device
Curble Chair Wider


How To Use

1. Place the Curble Chair 10 to 15 cm away from the backrest of your chair.

2. Hold the Curble Chair with both hands and sit all the back.

3. The backrest naturally pushes your back as your weight pushes down the seat and puts you in a proper sitting posture.


  • This portable posture support device, ablue Curble Chair combines the principles of leverage and its flexible material, to naturally correct your posture and prevent the users from sitting too far forward. 


  • Take the Curble Chair with you to work, school, or your car to prevent cervical kyphosis, disc herniation, and scoliosis, which tend to occur for people who sit for long periods of time.


  • Based on ergonomic design, the support cushion, made of a highly elastic material, pulls in the pelvis and exerts pressure on to the waist. The durable, yet elastic backrest can withstand a load of up to 370kg and effectively supports your spine, as it naturally maintains the correct posture, reducing back pain and fatigue
  • Two-way use: Place the Curble Chair against or with some space between the backrest of your chair. This allows you to adjust the Curble Chair to the utmost level of comfort and posture correction for the user


  • The double layered fabric provides comfort and maintains sanitation. It is very hygienic and feels soft. The double layered cushion sticks firmly to the waist


  • The built-in "air hole way" ventilation system and formed PU foam (Polyurethane) will evenly distribute the body's weight. This helps with circulating air to distribute body heat smoothly and to prevent sweat from building up even after long hours of sitting. Convenient, portable, and easy-to-use: ideal for carrying with built-in handle, and is easy to install. Use it anywhere you need, such as in the office, at school, in the car, on your bed, sofa, the floor or even outdoors