Portable Pilates Bar Kit

$16.50 $19.50

  • 👉【High Quality】With Inner rod tube, this Pilates Bar is robust and unbreakable;
  • Wrapped with a soft foam grip to protect the hands; with the foot, Loops is easy to use and protects the ankle from overload, convenient and comfortable.
  • 👉【Detachable design】Pilates pole is a two-stage design with a delicate and durable spring buckle in the middle. When you do yoga exercise, you can disassemble it into two sections for easy storage.
  • 👉【Dimension】Size of Pilates Stick is 91cm / 2.98Ft.
  • 👉【Multifunctional】Multifunctional for Yoga, Home, Gym, Bodybuilding, Workout, Fitness, Sit-Up, rotate your waist, low impact to prevent injuries, lightweight and portable.
  • 👉【Easy to Use】The MoYouno Pilates stick can be used when doing yoga and Pilates exercises, improving posture, helping you lose weight, and exercising your balance. you can also do dumbbell exercises, back muscles, and buttocks at home is a great idea for home exercise and personal training studio.