NATINDA Eye Wringkle Care Cream 30g


Improve wrinkles and whitening Dual function
Wrinkle improvement :
Adenosine, a wrinkle-improving ingredient approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, promotes the production of collagen and glycosaminoglucan in the skin, giving skin elasticity and improving wrinkles.
Whitening improvement :
An amazing whitening system with excellent whitening ingredients that brighten your eyes.
Natural moisturizing ingredients :
Natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, allantoin and aloe extract, green tea extract, mung bean extract, and coconut extract give a gentle moisturizing effect to the skin around the eyes.
Refreshing formula :
Fast absorption, no sticky feeling, quickly relieve eye fatigue.

EWG Geen Grade Raw Material

Moistuzing Eye Care
Solve dry skin problems, Exfoliate nourish eye skin
Hyaluronic absorbs moisture from the air and stores it in the skin ubiquinol prevent moisture loss.