[MOM'S BATH RECIPE] Body Peeling Pad Easy Cut (8EA)

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★Real review★
Hurry up for the dead bodies...
"If you open it, it looks like real grime. You can use the white side first and then rub the more dead skin part with the green side to manage. The ingredients also have hypoallergenic test or natural peeling ingredients. It was safe to use. Conclusion, the maker genius"
Must-have for Soon-i
"It's a muk-bath-soon. I'm one person who feels washed and washed with a green towel, but I like to push thin, so I meticulously meticulously work with hanyan and meticulously meticulously with green color!!! But there are enough bubbles!
When I got up after rubbing my sleepy eyes and was dragged into my mother's hand, there was the know-how of various mothers in that bathhouse. We have been researching and developing for a long time to be able to deliver good raw materials to the skin as it is, the memories of the bathhouse of happiness as a child and mother's heart!
★One piece body home care body peeling pad★
-Melt gently with AHA+BHA ingredients! -Peeling shower to wash away impurities and dead skin cells at once -Comfortable without irritation with skin soothing ingredients 1 sheet 30ml, 8 sheets When used 2-3 times a week, the amount used per month 01. Hypoallergenic peeling with willow bark extract -Contains natural peeling ingredients, so skin peeling is not burdensome 02. Ultra-simple smooth and radiant shower -Dual pad cares for dead skin cells at once 03. Cool and moist at the same time -Excellent moisturizing effect to keep skin moist even after shower
★Dual pad quickly and coolly to waste and dead skin cells at once!
The soft, mild white embossed cotton cares for the delicate areas, and the green scrub pad gently manages the old dead skin cells for a smooth and moist care as if you just went to the bathroom. Q & A Q. The feeling of use is so soft, is the exfoliating effect sure? A. Unlike Italian towels that physically stimulate and repel dead skin, AHA+BHA dissolves dead skin, so it removes dead skin sufficiently without stimulation.
★Who to You★
Step 1 Wet the mud thoroughly with water
Step 2 Open the pouch, put your hand on the pad, and rub the embossed cotton into a foam first.
Step 3 First, enjoy bubble keratin care by rubbing carefully as if wiping the whole body.
Step 4 Use the green pad on the other side to additionally roll over dead skin areas (elbows, peach bones) to manage secondary dead skin cells.
Step 5 Rinse your body thoroughly with lukewarm water.
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