LIGETA Mini Massager

$15.80 $16.00

Trademark application from Germany

For the areas that are hard to massage with your hands

Easy to carry

Body weight =19g

Feel free to use anytime, anywhere

# 7 motions

Massage(strong)  / Massage(mild)

knead(strong) / knead(mild) 

Rubbing(mild) / Tapping(strong)  


# 6 Modes

Strong massage / Mild massage

Stretching / Intensive massage

Complex mode 1 / Complex mode 2

21 level of intensity

Use various functions in combination

Choose a size that fits your purpose

Wash it in water to restore adhesion

# Recommended for

- Someone who sits down for a long time

- Someone tired of housework and child care

- Someone who wants to get massage before going to bed

- someone who suffers from cramped muscles

# How to use

1 Attach the body to the gel pad

2 Remove the film attached to the gel pad

3 Put a massager on the area where you want to get a massage

4 Turn on the power

5 Select the mode and intensity you want

6 Turn off the power after use


# Package details

1 Main body of massager 

1 Gel pad 

1 USB charging cable 

1 manual book

(Without power adapter)


* Store out of reach of children

* People who are in hospital or have a serious illness should not use it.

* Women with severe fever and menstruation or breastfeeding should not be used.