Lash Point Dual eyelash serum

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  • Best set for Eyelashes! For Longer, Thicker, Fuller, Darker Eyelashes & Eyebrows! Developed to strengthen, lengthen your natural eyelashes and eyebrows with natural botanical elements
  • Lash Point is Clinically Proven! You can experience drastic increases in length and thickness of your eyelashes and eyebrows in little as 60 days of daily use for the perfect boost! Contains advanced formula that penetrates hair follicles to stimulate lash and brow growth.
  • Nourishing and Natural Ingredients: Amber Lash Formula is non-irritating, gentle, and safe for all skin types. The nourishing serum will help frail lashes and brows to grow stronger and healthier with daily use.
  • Easy to apply! With the State-of-the-Art Technology, Lash Point infused with the effective Tools and Ingredients into one! Simply place a thin line along the base of your upper and lower lash line once a day at night time. Apply only at the root area of eyelashes and as though applying eyeliner and onto clean eyebrows.
  • High Quality and Large Quantity: Unlike other brands that offer 5ml in one product, Amber Lash - Lash Point offers 5ml of Essence and Tonic on each side! Total of 10ml providing the best services to give you glamorous looks!
✧ 2-in-1 Dual Beauty Essence and Tonic✧

🔽[ White ] Beauty Eyelash Tonic🔽
- Nourishes hair follicles with hair growth factor to help enrich the eyelashes.
- Natural Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Persimmon Leaf Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Bark Extract, Mugwort Leaf Extract, Chaenomeles Sinensis Fruit Extract, Green Tea Extract
- Active ingredient: Phytosphingosine Phosphate
  Applied with Nano Polymembrane Technology, it effectively penetrates the Natural ingredient into the hair follicle layer to show greatest result with small amount of tonic.

🔽[ Black ] Beauty Eyelash Essence🔽
- Provides moisturizing and elasticity to the hair to help make hair shiny and healthy
-Natural Ingredients: Purified Water, Charcoal Powder, Persimmon Leaf Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Bark Extract, Golden Chamomile Extract, Green Tea Extract, Mugwort Leaf Extract.
- Active Ingredient: Hydrolyzed Collagen
$nbsp; Our unique collagen provides elastic to the cell tissues, maximizing fiber density and helps to keep hydrates and moisturi