Everbio BOMNPOM Suryutan Face Oil

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✨The change of seasons, the start of skin troubles!
Solve using the dewy with no stickiness SURYUTAN FACE OIL✨
💝 BomnPom [Suryutan Face Oil]
The SURYUTAN FACE OIL can be used on all skin types Solve everything all at once from a fast soothing effect and nutrition supply to moisturizing effect!
✔️If 2 or more of the following apply to you Your skin most certainly needs a suryutan thrown at it!
Those whose pillow marks do not disappear easily
Those whose skin look crumbly and lifeless due to sleep deprivation
Those who have sensitive/irritable skin to external stimuli
Those whose skin experience severe tightness due to dryness
Those who feel their skin isn’t the same as it once was
✨How to use the SURYUTAN FACE OIL?
It helps to apply by blending it in when doing base makeup.
It is even better if applying it to skin by mixing it with toner or serum
✅ Apply oil to the hair while it is still damp, leave it in for about 15 minutes then thoroughly rinse it out.
✅ Immediately after cleansing, take 2~3 drops on your hand and massage as if rolling deep within the skin while letting it slowly absorb.
✅ After taking a shower, leave a bit of water remaining and apply all over the body. To the dry areas, apply as if layering.
Content Volume - 15ml