[CJ Cupbahn] Cooked Rice Bowl With Yellow Curry Sauce


Flavor:Yellow Curry Rice

CJ cupbahn cooked rice bowl with yellow curry sauce, microwavable

Experience the flavors of this Yellow Curry HetBahn Cupbahn from Korea's number one rice bowl brand! Presented to you in a convenient single-serving bowl of this yellow curry meal, you won't have to worry about the responsibility of cooking up a huge batch for the whole family; CJ has a solution for you! This HetBahn CupBahn comes with cooked white rice mixed with yellow curry sauce for the delicious meal you can enjoy as is, with a side of kimchi or with some katsu!

CJ is Korea's one of the most popular BBQ marinade brands leading Korea's food industry and one of the leading Asian food manufacturers and distributors in the US for over 60 years since 1978! CJ Cheiljedang spreads Korean flavors' excellence to satisfy local and international tastes with a touch of authentic Korean flavor through its high quality and love for Asian food. CJ offers a wide range of products with decades of experience, from an extensive range of packaged foods like noodles and dumplings to sauces and marinades.

[CJ Cupbahn] Cooked Rice Bowl With Yellow Curry Sauce[CJ Cupbahn] Cooked Rice Bowl With Yellow Curry Sauce