[CJ Bibigo]
Red Bean Porridge 280g


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[CJ Bibigo] Red Bean Porridge 280g
Premium red bean porridge made from rich red bean and soft rice. It is characterized by the sweet, light taste of deep red beans. You can enjoy boiled red beans as it is and boil at home for a deep taste. You can enjoy it with confidence because carefully selected ingredients without synthetic sweeteners are made through a strict manufacturing process. On a busy morning, start your day with red bean porridge.

1. When cooking in the microwave: After opening the top of the pouch bag, put it in the microwave as it is, then warm it up for about 2 minutes 30 seconds (based on 700W). (2 minutes at 1000W)
2. When cooking hot water: Place the product in boiling water in a bag and heat for about 10 minutes before eating.
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