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BODYBOGAM - Upgrade Yoga Ring

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Full exercise stretching
Relaxation of the neck, Back stretching, Arm exercise Chest exercise, Stretching exercise, Calf exercise
Good to Improves muscle tone of the upper inner and outer thighs, arms, lower body, upper body and core
Stretch the skeletal ligaments to enhance flexibility
Relax the muscles in your back, relax mental pressure, relax back tension, massage and relax.
Durable and strong in practicability, an essential tool for Pilates
A perfect accessory for Yoga or Pilates stretching training. Suitable for home fitness exercise bodybuilding workout
Increase the floor motion intensity and exercise the body's muscles.
It is very useful for inner thigh, thigh, chest and even pelvic muscles.
Easily packed with your other fitness equipment. It's lightweight and small size.
Non-slip handles for easy grip
Massage point design for more relax
Bump massage
14 Large floating points, deeply stimulate the body yo accelerate fat burning