[Wibe] Eco Face LED Light Therapy Mask


EcoFace LED Light Therapy Mask

Product description:- 

Near-infrared light therapy uses invisible, near-infrared wavelengths between 700 and 1400 nm to deliver energy to the cells, stimulating the body's natural processes on a cellular level. Regeneration is stimulated. Inflammation and pain are reduced. Infrared light therapy has been proven effective by hundreds of studies all over the globe and has no known adverse side effects.
Near-infrared rays penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin without side effects on the human body, and the effect of skin regeneration and inflammation improvement can be obtained.

Colour: Gold
Voltage: 220V (Converter(110V or else) not included)
Size: 24.8cm(W) x 20.3cm(D) x 11cm(H)
Weight: 260 g
Charging time : 3~4 hours
Usage time : Lasts around 80 minutes (4~5 times usage for the 20minutes setting)  
Treatment Area: Facial
Materials: ABS resin, Polyyurethane (PU) Brand
Country of Manufacture : Republic of Korea

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How to use: 

check the enclosed pads. (1 for forehead and 1 for Chin)

attach the pad after removing foreign substances on the desired spot of the mask

attach the pad so that it could fit into the forehead and chin part of the mask

if adhesive strength is decreased, rinse the attachment surface with water and dry it. adhestive can be recovered

attach the gel pad along the dottled line or use it after adjusting the attachment location according to user convenience


Safey Precautions:

The following procedures ensure the safety of the use and the prevention of property damage. Read the following carefully before using and be sure to use the product correctly. 


Do not touch the power plug while hands are wet as this may cause electrical shock.


If smoke or a strange odor emits from the product. immediately turn the device off and remove the USB cable, then contact the service center.


Take care not to damage the internal battery. Damaged internal battery is an explosive hazard.


When the product is charging, be sure to use the enclosed adapter. Failure to do so may cause the product to malfunction.


Do not attempt to take apart, repair or modify the product, as this may cause the prodcut to malfunction


When using the product, do not stare too long at the internal light as this may damage the eyes


Users currenly undergoing skin treatment and/or are suffering from a skin condition must consult with their doctor before using this product


Users who are pregnant, nusing or menstruating should limit use of this product as much as possible as use of this product may destabilize hormonal balance and negatively affect skin


Do not use the product for any purpose outside of those specified



Cautions in use:

Do not use the pad except for the purpose of this product


Although it it not harmful to human body, do not eat the pad of let the skin contact with the attachment surface directly


if you are concerned about skin trouble or you have skin trouble after using the product, stop using the prodcut immediately and please consult yout doctor


Store the product in a cool and dry place


For more information, please refer to the user manual 




►The power is not turning on
Press and hold the button in the centre of the controller (until you hear a beep noise) and press and hold again (until you hear another beep noise). For more information, please check the product manual. 

►Is there any warranty?
Yes, there is 1 year warranty.


►The gel pad falls off easily. Is this faulty?
The purpose of the eco-face gel pad is to prevent the mask from sticking to the face and to make it available to any family member with different facial shapes.
It provides low adhesion for easy removal and attachment.
(If foreign substances stick onto the gel pad, it will affect the adhesion. Wipe it under running water to restore the adhesion into its initial state.)


►Would the mask be too hot because of the red lights?
You can hardly feel the heat as the the mask has a lower temperature than the skin temperature.


►It says 120 lights but I can only see 60 lights.
Within a single LED package that is located in the eco-face, there are two LED elements. 60 near-infrared lights that are invisible to the naked eye and 60 visible lights.


►Is the gel pad necessary?
If you feel uncomfortable because the mask is attached directly to your face, we recommend using it.


►When should I use the mask for best results?
You can use the mask at any time, but according to a dermatologists' advice, it is most effective to use it in between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.when the skin regenerates.


►How do i check if it is charging?
The LED light at the bottom of the controller is fixed in blue and changed to white when fully charged. (It won't charge if you don't plug the charging cable in properly, so please be sure to check it.)


►Is it okay to charge the mask with a different charger?
Please use the original charger included when charging the mask. Using a different charger other than the original charger is not recommended as it may ruin the functions of the mask.