Seuleuleug coolgel pillow


Pillow determines the quality of sleep

Get up in the morning feeling refreshed

Memory form + cube type cool gel + Pillow cover

Ergonomic design

You will feel comfortable lying in any position

Cool gel keeps you comfortable

Excellent resiliency


* Wash the cover in warm water with a neutral detergent

* Do not wash the memory foam,

wipe it with a wet towel and dry it in the shade

* Due to the nature of raw materials,

new products can be smelly


* If you use it after drying it in a cool place with

good ventilation, the smell will gradually disappear


* There may be a small hole in the memory foam due to manufacturing process


* Memory foam can turn yellow if exposed to sunlight

or used for a long period of time,

but there is no problem with its function

Package details

= Pillow cover + Memory foam + box  

You can't wash your pillowcase.

Please only wash the pillow cover.