UV protection + NO Sticky

Hypoallergenic Test Completed

Strong UVA / UVB protection


Highest-grade UV protection


Powder holds sebum but leaves moisture

Artificial fragrance-free

Lavender oil + Lemon balm 

Green tea + Rosemary

# Ingredients

Fermented bean / Willow tree

Cinnamon / Oregano / Cypress

Common Purslane / Skullcaps

Aloe vera / Chamomile

You can use on both your face and body


# How to use

- Apply it from the inside out

- The stick may break, so raise it by 5-6mm

- Remove the film from the top of

the stick before use


# Recommend


- Someone who wants to be sun-blocked

- Someone who is looking for Non-stick Products

- Someone who wants to apply sunscreen

without getting on his hands

- Someone who often engages in outdoor activities

It's absorbed without stickiness

It won't leave a white residue


Hypoallergenic Test Completed