[Manyo] Gold Caviar Eye Serum


Eye Serum for eyelids with caviar Manyo factory Gold Caviar eye serum has a tightening, firming, nourishing and smoothing effect.
Suitable for the care of mature skin, helps reduce the expression of wrinkles and reduce their depth, increases the elasticity of fabrics, eliminates dryness and helps in the fight against dark circles.
Serum perfectly restores damaged areas of the skin, has a pronounced tightening effect, smoothes mimic wrinkles and prevents their appearance. Eliminates dryness and feeling of tightness in the area around the eyes, intensively nourishes and maintains a sufficient level of moisturizing.
Has a strong antioxidant effect, tones, refreshing and eliminates traces of fatigue.

Manyo Gold Caviar Eye Serum