Ma:nyo Pure Cleansing Oil 200ml


For double-cleansing
For sensitive skin
For people who regularly wear makeup
Soapwort: Creates a non-irritating foam for gentle cleansing
Plant-derived olive, jojoba seed, and argan oils: To cleanse and moisturize
Fermented rice: Balances the skin for a supple feel
Camellia oil and evening primrose extract: Revitalize tired skin and reduce skin fatigue
A light and fresh formula provides thorough cleansing without a makeup remover.
Mild ingredients that don't irritate the eyes and strengthen the skin's protective layer.
Oils and finely selected plant extracts to nourish skin and keep water-oil balance.
This multitasking cleansing oil cleanses while nourishing the skin.
Ma:nyo Pure Cleansing Oil 200mlMa:nyo Pure Cleansing Oil 200ml