LOTTE: Dream Cacao 56% (6209987149996)

LOTTE: Dream Cacao 56%

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Product details of Lotte Dream Cacao Dark Chocolate 56%

Lotte, Dream Cacao 56% Chocolate - premium bitter chocolate, which will be the perfect gift for the sweet tooth, who monitor their health and figure. The delicacy is made in the form of 1x1 cm cubes. In addition, chocolate has a pleasant taste and contains cocoa polyphenols that help fight stress, strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Color: The color of the treat is chocolate.Taste: Dark chocolate has a pleasant taste in which a slight bitterness is felt.Aroma: The aroma of chocolate is pleasant, bright, with notes of cocoa.Gastronomy: Chocolate is served with coffee, tea or milk. It can also become a worthy accompaniment of dessert wine or cognac.


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