Ligeta Vitamin Shower Filter

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Start your day with a fresh fruit scent

6 secrets of Ligeta Vitamin Shower Filter

Supply of vitamin

Residual chlorine removal


Removal of impurities

Citrus scent

Easy to use

Vitamin C is a representative antioxidant

Before and after removing residual chlorine 







Milk powder makes your skin moist




The more impurities in tap water,

the more brown the filter turns



3 Types of filters

Lemon Yellow

Lime Green

Grapefruit Red


Hypoallergenic Test Completed

Confirmation of non-detection of harmful ingredients

1. Remove the shower hose and insert the filter

into the shower head

2. Connect the hose to the bottom of the shower filter






It can also be used for a washing machine or a bidet

60 Days Available per filter 

Depending on water pressure and water quality, the lifetime of the filter and the time to remove residual chlorine may vary slightly.