HANYUL Miracle Relief Essence (4378062880846)
HANYUL Miracle Relief Essence (4378062880846)
HANYUL Miracle Relief Essence (4378062880846)
HANYUL Miracle Relief Essence (4378062880846)

HANYUL Miracle Relief Essence



About the product

What Is It:

The product contains Artemisia, which is one of many traditional Korean ingredients which is skin-friendly. Extracted from Ganghwa Island in early June, which is widely known for quality Artemisia, more especially for our skin. Also, June is known to be the best time to extract Artemisia if the purpose of it is for relaxing after harmful factors have tired our skin out. Fermented for three years, this product is just for those who would want complete calmness of the skin.

How to use:

Apply gently onto your skin after washing your face. The thicker the toner that you use along with the product, it is advisable that this product is applied first. On the other hand, the lighter the toner, it is advisable to use this product after the toner has been applied onto your skin.


100% Artemisia Argyi Leaf Extract

Brand info:

Considered the Millennial-friendly version of prestige brand Sulwhasoo (both are Amore Pacific brands), this hanbang-focused skincare line marries Korean herbal ingredients and traditions with parent company Amore Pacific’s research and technology. Harnessing 5,000 years of hanbang knowhow with indigenous Korean black beans, rice, Jeju baekhwago mushrooms, brown pine needles, artemisia, and white chrysanthemum, Hanyul reinterprets traditional healing remedies for a new generation at a moderate price point and accessible products like their bestselling Rice Essential collection.