Hact Fungi Remover (4708524589134)
Hact Fungi Remover (4708524589134)

99.9% Hact Fungi Remover

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Don't leave the fungus anymore!


** Recommend **

-When the fungus keeps forming

-When you are worried about your health due to fungus

-When you want to get rid of mold easily

-When you want to use mild cleaning products

 Mold in your

Bathroom / wall / corner in your house

Kitchen /  Window frame /  tile grout


- Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant that melts well

in water and removes pathogens and various fungi

- It removes fungi, not just the stains of it

 It contains cypress extract and orange extract,

so it is not a poisonous detergent

 Two spry modes

Liquid spray mode / Bubble mode


It's produced in specialized facilities with laboratories

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