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Westinghouse 5.2L air fryer

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$89.00 $199.95

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Product Features


Westinghouse 5.2L Opti-Fry

Turn your regular deep-fried French fries into a less oily side dish for your burgers using the black 5.2L Westinghouse Opti Fry Air Fryer. With just a small amount of oil added to your sliced potatoes, this electric air fryer cooks your fries by surrounding them with hot, circulating air, giving your potato snack a healthy makeover.


Do more than just air fry with this smart Westinghouse cooker and use it to make a complete meal of stuffed peppers, roasted corn, and air-grilled barbecue ribs.


  • Fry, roast, bake, toast, grill.
  • Uses little to no oil for healthier cooking. Up to 70% less fat when compared to deep frying.
  • Crispy, fried results with far less fat/oil.
  • 30 minute timer.
  • Great for quick meals
  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Cool touch exterior.
  • Rapid air circulation system.
  • Convenient drip tray.
  • Easy clean non-stick coating
  • XL Size - 5.2L (Big enough to fit a whole chicken).
  • Simple Operation / Easy to use.
  • Up to 50% faster to preheat vs a traditional built-in oven
  • 30cm Wide x 37cm Deep x 37cm High ​​​​
  • Basket Dimensions (L x W x H): 20 x 20 x 10 cm