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✨French 10 years of tradition snail cream✨
The origin of escargot 
Elensilia original repair cream
Elensilia escargot original repair cream 50g
The Snail mucus ingredient strengthens the natural skin power And vitality deep into your skin
100 hours lasting moisturizing / dermal moisture / dermal compactness improvement / elasticity improvement / face lifting improve / strengthen the damaged skin barrier / skin elastic restoring force / skin tone improvement / wrinkle / skin transparency Improvement / redness mitigation (true) / aging mitigation help
How To Use: After cleansing the skin gently, please blend an appropriate amount all over the face. After that you can use the other base care.
Moisture and nutrition to the skin, roughness and the like to prevent drying moisture, whitening, and professional skin care products is offering assistance to wrinkle. The secret of self-survival of the snail is known as myuko polysaccharides present in the mucus of the snail (article Lycos amino glycans). Myuko polysaccharide extracted from the mucus of the snail (article Lycos amino glycans) and amino acid complex patent material.
엘렌실라 브랜드 에스카르고 오리지날 리페어 크림
엘렌실라 브랜드 에스카르고 오리지날 리페어 크림