COCOLAB LIGHT weight loss shakes
Sweet pumpkin & cornbeard (5pk)

$19.00 $23.50

Are you stressed about diet control?
It's simple, but are you looking for a bite to eat?

Reliable but light caloric product
Enjoy a delicious meal with only 12 essential vitamins and
mineral water in one package!
It contains essential nutrients for your life!

The sweet taste of strong pumpkin without any burden.
Sweet pumpkin: Sweet pumpkin grown in clean New Zealand
Corn whiskers extracting powder: Contains corn whiskers extracting powder with high mainin content

It's a low-calorie product that's comfortable and delicious!

Portability of light, slim containers
Water-only convenience

Q. Can people with lactose intolerance take it?
A. Coco lab contains milk, so it is recommended that you do not eat it if you have lactose intolerance.

Q. Do you have any allergic ingredients for a meal of Coco Lab?

A. The product contains soybean, milk, and wheat, and if you are allergic, check the ingredients before eating them.

Q. How do I keep the expiration date?

A. It is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Q. Does cold water melt well?

A. Coco wrap has a small particle, so it mixes well in cold water.