Bottle Thinco® Diet Capsules 50Day


Our most popular pack is the Starter Pack Standard Program which is designed to included everything you need to achieve your goals. Packed with our flag ship products to give you all the added benefits and extra assistance. This pack is highly recommended when doing the Thinco® program for the first time and is specifically formulated to target stored stubborn fat (adipose fat) which is the hardest fat to shift; hips, thighs, belly, that most diets fail to accomplish. In addition, they contain a appetite suppressant of herbal extracts so you won’t feel hungry. You will not lose healthy fat or muscle mass and you get to eat real food from our scientifically proven fat burning meal plan.

Our Thinco® Standard program is designed to assist fat burning effectively, safely and fast whilst preserving muscle mass. Strenuous exercise is not recommended on the Thinco® Standard Program. Our products are supported by our 100% all natural, scientifically developed ARTG listed formula, along with our scientifically proven fat burning meal plan.

Average weight control – up to 7kg on the 25 day program or up to 15kg on the 50 day program.


Great results, naturally:

  • Easy to follow meal plan
  • Safe & effective
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian & Vegan (excluding Diet Capsules)
  • Gluten and Dairy free
  • Hormone free
  • Easy and discreet

Average weight control – up to 7kg on the 25 day program or up to 15kg on the 50 day program.

We recommend that active women and ALL men (active or not) follow the ‘Active’ program.

Therapeutic Strength, Made in Australia in a licensed facility. ARTG Listed and tested to Australia’s highest pharmaceutical standards.


Thinco® Diet Capsules

Thinco® Diet Capsules work exactly the same way as our Thinco® Diet Drops and are combined with the same meal plan The only difference is the convenience (for some people) of a slow release one per day dosage instead of drops 3 times per day

Our soft gel capsules are a world first from us here in Australia after years of development. They contain a complete profile of powerful amino acids plus the fullest range of herbal and plant extract support .