AEKYUNG Bubble pumping liquid soap(+FREE GIFT!)

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Malang Cow Malang e with a fluffy body that is loved by men, women, and all ages.
Meet the cute Malan Cow Marang-e with a bubble hand wash!
Strawberry Milk Hand Wash

-Sweet strawberry scent
-Strawberry extract contain vitamin C to brighten skin

White Milk Hand Wash

-Refreshing clean milk scent 
-Milk ingredients hydrate skin

Hand wash faithfully to basics: Human body application test completed with 99.9% antibacterial. The more we have to pay attention to hygiene like these days, focused on keeping it clean with a hand wash.
Natural-derived cleaning ingredients: The whole family can use a hand wash without 11 ingredients such as paraben, benzophenon, artificial coloring, phenoxyethanol..etc
Moisturize by Moisturizing: Milk is good for moisturizing and moisturizes your skin.

[How to Use]
1. Just wash your hands with only water
2. Use Malang Cow Wash instead of soap
3. Clear your hands with Milk Scent

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