4 types of knives + 4 types of silicon cooking tools + rotary stand SET

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UTEN SEAL Set (knives 4 types + UTEN SEAL 4 types) (Knives & Utensils - Made in China)

Dedicated Stand (Made in Korea)

a rotary stand that stores knives and cooking utensils together

· It is a stand exclusively for storing 4 types of salma index knives and salma utensil (4 types of cooking utensils).
· The whole body can be rotated 360 degrees, so it is easy to use.
· It can be washed separately so that it can be used hygienically.
· Do not plug third-party products other than salma products in the multi-block.
· Do not heat or keep it close to fire.

Size: Cutting board 25.5×37×0.3 cm / Set 26.4×40.8×8 cm
Material: Cutting board-TPU / Stand-ABS
weight: Chopping board 1 sheet 320 g / Set total 1,344 g

SALLEMA 샐마 칼 4종 회전블럭 조리도구 샐마 주방 키친SALLEMA 샐마 칼 4종 회전블럭 조리도구 샐마 주방 키친