SAEMINA Skin Solution Routine 4set

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📢Limited Offer📢<br>SAEMINA Skin Solution Routine 4set
◎ Aloe vera composed in this moisturizing gel gives an immediate soothing effect to your skin (Remedy for damaged skin from UV exposure or environmental stressors such as fine dusts / skin heat ↓)
◎ Aloe Vera, with 4 times higher moisture content than water, rapidly moisturizing skin

◎ Antioxidant Effects of VitaminE · Chaga Mushroom · Jaungo(12 Oriental Extracts) ◎ Vitamin E encapsulated for preventing rapid oxidation / Large size(100ml) for face & body skin
◎ Completed Skin Stimulation Test & Anti-Wrinkle Clinical Test ※ How to Apply : Anti-Oxidation Gel → Col-Pep Serum → Manuka Honey Serum → Nutrition Cream
📢Limited Offer📢<br>SAEMINA Skin Solution Routine 4set
Experience daily skin rejuvenation with Collagen & Peptide Complex!

COL-PEP Serum's keywords

Tatal anti-aging skin care

  • Full of collagen
  • Removing wrinkles
  • Solving dry and oily skin
  • Reverse aging

When you need COL-PEP Serum!

  • When you are worried about nonelastic skin
  • Hen you look old because of wrinkles
  • No heavy skin care! When you need minimal skin care


📢Limited Offer📢<br>SAEMINA Skin Solution Routine 4set


The gift of nature, Real Manuka Honey, strengthens the skin barrier.

Tatal anti-aging skin care to solve
4 skin troubles at one go
  • Strengthening skin barriers
  • Soothing sensitive skin
  • pH balance
  • Moisturizing

When you need Manuka Honey!

  • Soothes sensitive skin to be comfortable
  • Keeps skin balance and improves the moisturizing ability
  • Strengthens skin barriers destroyed by dry and oily or very dry skin and makes it lively


📢Limited Offer📢<br>SAEMINA Skin Solution Routine 4set
Macadamia ingredients are velvet soft and lasting moisturizing effect.

One time solution for 4 skin troubles

Total anti-aging, Skin & body care
  • Skin vitality
  • Skin elasticity
  • Enhanced firming effect
  • Nourishing

Use in a variety of ways.

  • Emergency charging of moisture on dry skin caused by big temperature difference at the change of seasons!
  • When you are too lazy to use all the skin steps, just use All-in-one High Moisturization Nourishing Cream!
  • Solution for inside dryness, extreme dryness and damaged skin barrier!