OLTTAME Lip Tint 4Color

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Best 4  Colors 

Isn't there a tint that has good color and lasts long?

#Distinctly when applied  #Long-lasting all day


Repurchase wish rate 95% !!

My best personal color ever 


4 colors that suits your taste

You don't need to fix your make up

even after 6 hours

# No smudging on a cup 

# Not sticky   # Strong water proof



Curved tip for the perfect applying on your lips


Moisturizing + Vitamins + Protection


01 Spring peach

02 Vivid Deep red

03 Orange red

04 Hot Deep red

Attractive vivid red color


Orange red color that makes lips stand out


Lovely & cute pink 

   #   For the gradation Lip

  01 Tone down your lips with foundation

  02 Point your tint on your under lip

  03 Spread the tint from inside to outside of your lips

  04 Your gradation lip is done !

# For the full Lip


01 Apply the tint inside your lips

02 Spread the tint quickly along with your lip line

03 Wait for dry (20-30 Seconds)

04 Your full lip is done !

For the perfect lip, please use lip scrub in advance

If you apply it several times, it may clump,

so spread it out quickly

- If you don’t satisfy with the color, 100% refund guarantee

- Refundable within 7 days of purchase

- Unable to refund when product is opened

- Customer needs to pay for return delivery