Samyang Spicy Chicken Curry Ramen Big Cup

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Enjoy Korean style curry in a new and fun way. Unlike curry from other countries, Korean curry is milder in taste and spice. However, when paired with the classic spicy chicken noodle flavour, the taste and spice is taken to a new dimension of deliciousness. Although not as spicy as the original spicy chicken ramen, this flavour will definitely get your tongue tingling with that irresistible spicy flavour!

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Noodle (76%): Wheat flour (515), tapioca starch (15%), palm oil (10%), wheat gluten, salt, soybean oil, water, thickener[guar gum (E412)], acidity regulator[potassium carbonate(E501), sodium carbonate(E500), sodium phosphate dibasic(E339), sodium polyphosphate(E452), citric acid(E330)], emulsifier[lecithin(E22)], colour[riboflavin(E101)] *May contain additional ingredients.